Cameras – I was never really into photography, especially film photography, until a friend showed me how simple and interesting it was to develop your own negatives. My first film camera was a Pentax ME rangefinder that my dad used to use. I fell in love with the rangefinder focusing and did some intense research, ending up with a Leica M3 paired with a 50mm Summilux f/1.4. I enjoy shooting in low light situations and find myself loading the camera with Ilford HP5 ISO400 film. It is so rewarding to see the photos from this camera and lens!

The other camera is an Epson R-D1xg, which was the first digital camera with Leica’s M-mount lens system. The specifications are not that impressive: 6.1 megapixel DX sensor, 2.5″ LCD screen, ISO 200-1600, shutter speed is from bulb – 1/2000. As silly as it may sound, the thing that I was most attracted to was the way this camera retained so many analog camera features, such as the location of the shutter dials, rewind knob (which functions as a jog dial), and the fact that you have to cock the shutter by going through the motion of advancing the film! The designers of this camera really understood the special qualities of analog tools that can influences the way people feel and react.


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