Olivetti Lettera 33’s (photo taken with Leica M3, 50mm Summilux, HP5 400)

So why would anyone need 4 typewriters? And of the same model?

Well, no one really even “needs” a typewriter, but the wonderful thing about non-digital objects is their uniqueness, some may even say character.

Although the 4 typewriters are all Olivetti Lettera 33’s, they are quite different from one another. Two of these typewriters were made in Italy, while the other 2 were made in Spain. Different factories had slightly different color parts and logo variations.

Each typewriter has been used by different people for a different amount of time, which significantly changes the feel and action of the keys. Two of the typewriters have lopsided space bars because the previous user always pressed the space bar with their right thumb. Perhaps you also do this on your keyboard, but just didn’t notice. One typewriter actually writes in cursive, while the other three have classic fonts.

The beauty of analog is their inability to ever be the same.

We already knew this, but I think using a typewriter is a fun way to remind ourselves of this important concept.


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