testing, testing …

1st trial of the Typewriter Project!

The typewriter keys struck the paper with clear and rhythmic articulation. There would be a slight pause as the author thought about the next sentence – then, another burst of  key strokes.

Many people stopped by out of curiosity and/or nostalgia as my friend and I typed away on our Olivetti typewriters.

An invitation to try out a typewriter

Some people tried out the typewriters and grinned as they watched the letters being imprinted on the page.

The novelty of the typewriter has become a unique way to connect with other people; they approached me to share their thoughts about anything related to typewriters, including childhood memories, the culture and etiquette of writing letters, the pacing of modern life, the loss of grammatical sense in tweeting, etc. – all sharing the theme of taking a moment to think about the ways we have changed our ways of communicating with one another.

Current technology is powerful and wonderful, however, it shouldn’t replace older tools like the typewriter because it can still offer us a unique experience. Using a typewriter makes me feel and think differently; that’s a good enough reason for me to continue using one.

People won’t know what that uniqueness is until they try it for themselves; hence, my attempt to share this tool with more people.

This 2-year old was a natural using the typewriter!

I am enthusiastic about the response I have received so far and will continue this experiment next Sunday.

Hope to see you there!


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