revisiting yourself …

Location: Intelligentsia Coffee, Old Town Pasadena

Topic: If you met “8-year-old” you, what advice would you give yourself?

This topic was suggested by many previous guests so I gave it a try. It is an interesting question, not only because it makes you think about what you were like at the age of eight, but it also puts you in a grown-up position and assumes wisdom. Ask yourself this question at the age of 18 and it will certainly be different than asking yourself at the age of 45.

It also reminds me of one of my favorite books, The Little Prince, where most of the grown-ups have obviously lost sight of what is important in life.

Anyway, we had two very brave souls that shared their thoughts: a special guest all the way from Illinois – Will!!

I managed to sit in the same seat as last week, and so did my next guest: Kasey – who was back with her Macbook – but this time I was able to get her on the typewriter.


3 responses to “revisiting yourself …

  • alluneediswill

    Yea it was fun to use the typewriter! and I actually just remembered that I used to see how many keys I can jam and stack together when I visited my Mom office when I was a kid. I had no interest in page border or actually typing something. It is good to finally learn it as an adult now. Very refreshing!

    I think my mom still have a typewriter in one of the drawers at home :)

  • sunsweptabyss

    I wish that I knew where my old typewriter was… It’s so quaint to use it, especially with modern conveniences of word processing. There’s something refreshingly tactile about hearing the loud clacks as each thought/word/letter is pressed onto the page.

  • bozuhead

    I am happy to hear that you find this refreshing!

    But using a typewriter certainly takes practice – not only to get a better feel for the keys, but to get into a habit of thinking a little more carefully about what you are writing about. The extra time spent internally filtering one’s thoughts is good practice in this mostly-digital-correct-all-mistakes era. My current motto seems to be, “Slow down!”

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