minding my own business …

Location: Sworks Coffee, Eagle Rock, CA

Many people recommended Sworks Coffe because of all the hip-looking people that gather here. And yes, they were certainly there.

Let me back up and say that it was quite hot today (about 90 degrees!) so most people were sitting inside the cafe. I decided not to set up inside because the tables were tiny and the overall space was too small. The one thing about the typewriter that I love, but need to be mindful about, is the noise it produces. If I were any one of those people intensively working on my laptop, I would really be annoyed with the whacking sound of the typewriter keys. So I decided to set up outside.

This is when I realized that nobody really walks on these streets (Colorado + Eagle Rock). Everyone here drives around, looking for parking, and hurriedly goes to the predetermined destination. The typewriter project doesn’t really work in that type of setting. I need people who are wandering around, open to different possibilities. That’s something I have learned from all the other successful sessions.

umm . . . no entries today . . .

I only spent an hour there, but I had a great time typing away my own thoughts; today’s central themed revolved around a quote that I heard on the radio, “sharpening the differences because we are more similar than not”, and how we try to create individualistic identity.

It is also worthwhile to note that Sworks has a really delicious oatmeal raisin cookie and refreshing iced tea.

I think this location still has potential so I will give it another shot next week.

Perhaps I’ll see you there!


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