just for fun …

Location: Cafe Dulce, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

I started off the day making some business cards with spare index cards. I thought about having some made, but there is so much more character in individual cards that are made by hand. These cards turned out to be quite handy!

The tenor of today’s participants: “This is so fun!”

And that’s a great reason for doing something. I met an interesting array of people today, including a colleague of my dad, visitors from London, visitors from Michigan, a young boy who offered to pay to use the typewriter,a writer, an arts venue organizer, an employee of the L.A. Times, just to name a few.

The more people I met, the more I thought to myself, “I can be here all day and have a great time!”. I wish there were some way I could capture the conversations that I have because that’s the really good stuff …


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