generating conversations …

Location: Kaldi Coffee in South Pasadena

Hours: 11:00am – 2:00pm

Prompt: What is your idea of spontaneous fun?

The people at Kaldi were very nice and allowed me to set up two typewriters for my project.

This cafe just had the right vibe: across the street was a public library with a large, grassy area where people were walking their dogs, sitting on benches reading their newspaper, or conversing with friends. The pace of the lifestyle was a perfect setting for typewriters!

I met a person who talked about the various tactile approaches to the artistic process (such as the difference between handwriting and typing); another person shared his experience with typewriters during his high school years (when typing courses were still offered in the 70’s); one person was a photographer who used typewriters as a analogy to express his love for the medium of film; and a young child who was fascinated by the mechanics of the typewriter because he had never used one before.

This project isn’t about the typewriter or the prompts that I put up each week; it’s about the people and the conversations that are generated because of it. On that note, I am looking forward to meeting more people and listening to their thoughts!


a penny for your thoughts ...

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