colder weather …

Location: Kaldi Coffee, South Pasadena

Hours: 11:00am – 1:30pm

Prompt: Describe a book that has significantly impacted you.

There is no falling snow or ice on the ground, but the weather in southern California is definitely getting colder. It just rained yesterday and ominous clouds were looming above in the sky; nonetheless, there were still people interested in stopping by to type out their thoughts.

One older gentleman walked by and said, “When was the last time I heard a typewriter!?”. That made me smile.

Check out the Lomography polaroids! My friends, Raul and Camila, came equipped with their analog cameras. I love that look …

Anyway, if you would like to share the title of a book that was important to you, please write in the comment section – thanks!


One response to “colder weather …

  • William

    Ummm I can’t even remember the name of the book exactly. I was like 9 when I read this book. It is a biography of Thomas Edison.

    I will be in LA the weekend of Feb 4th. Would love to come in person to one of your cafe visit!

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