make me smile …

Topic of the day: What small things make you laugh?

I am currently in Oakland visiting family and decided to haul one of my typewriters with me.

I stopped by a cafe named Caffe Trieste on Piedmont Street on Monday afternoon.

The timing wasn’t great because it was around 4:30pm and most people briskly walked by the typewriter.



There was one man who stopped by, carrying his daughter in one arm strolling down the street. He asked me about the typewriter and I told him about my idea of trying to slow the pace of life down using analog tools. He liked the idea and decided to share his thoughts, but as he was typing, his cell phone went off and he chuckled, “how ironic … “. He quickly ended his call and finished typing his response with one hand while the other hand held onto his daughter.






a penny for your thoughts ...

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