spontaneous conversations …

Location: Intelligentsia Coffe, Old Town Pasadena

Time: 12:00 – 1:30pm

Prompt: Describe a music album that you think is great.

As expected, Intelligentsia Coffe in Old Town Pasadena was quite busy but the set up was trickier that I imagined. An employee told me not to take up two spaces so I just decided to take out one and start typing away. I recently went through some old journals of mine and found some interesting thoughts to expand upon.

I didn’t even bother setting up the “Penny for your thoughts” signage but I did prepare a sheet with a prompt and wondered if anybody would stop by out of sheer curiosity. Sure enough, a girl named Ruth stopped by to ask me about what I was doing with a typewriter. After explaining my project to her, she was interested enough to type out her thoughts on my other typewriter. Shortly after, her friend Haley joined in as well. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them gradually figure out the touch of the typewriter; they certainly learned quickly! I also loved seeing them pause for a moment to construct a sentence in their head before they proceeded to type; deep in thought, searching for the right words.

Another girl, named Kasey, sat across from me and we had a nice chat about educational reform. She was working on her Mac but I’m sure the sound of the typewriter wasn’t helping her finish her paper!

I will definitely revisit this cafe next Sunday; plenty of interesting (and interested!) people gather here. Hope to see you there!


a penny for your thoughts ...

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