building a community …

Location: Handsome Coffee Roasters

A bit removed from the center of the art district in downtown L.A. but I heard about this coffee shop through a friend who thought it might be a good venue for the typewriter project. The interior of the building is beautiful; high ceilings, a large communal table, and copper countertops. Best of all, there is no outlet or Wifi; this place is meant for a typewriter.

I began with one typewriter, just typing out my thoughts as usual, and soon afterwards two people approached to ask me more about the machine. Without the prompt of my signage, I simply asked them if they were interested in sharing their thoughts on the typewriter, and they went straight to work. Michael wrote about his interest to open his own cafe and the other, Gustavo, helped take some photos of our typing session. It turns out that he is a cinematographer with quite an eye; following photos have been generously submitted by him! Click here for more of his work.

The baristas were also interested and enthusiastic about the typewriter. I had an interesting conversation with one of the baristas, named Anthony, about how cafes in the past, especially in Europe, were meccas for artists to gather and share ideas. There is a movement right now by similar-minded people, who believe in taking the time and care to make things, which requires a certain mentality about time/pacing; this cafe has the potential to be that type of space. I will be definitely be back here next Sunday!


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