in touch with reality …

Location : Swork Coffee

I wasn’t expecting much of a crowd today so I brought along an interesting book to read, Each Moment is the Universe, by Dainin Katagiri. The book is about the way Zen Buddhist monks perceive the relationship between time, space, and being. Every chapter is very short, but also very dense, so every chapter requires an hour or two to digest.

One of the most profound concepts I came across in the book was how we create suffering by separating ourselves away from time and constantly thinking about the past, present, and future. Thinking is what generates the gap between now and one’s  self.  We are constantly thinking about the past in order to project into the future, but this habit inhibits our ability to be in the present moment …

I’m still trying to figure all of this out …

Anyway, there were a few people that stopped by to share their thoughts and I had interesting conversations about people’s memories of their typing class, and the illusion of connection that people are creating with technological innovations in communication.

One memorable quote was a lady who responded to my explanation of my attempt to slow people down with the typewriter; she said that it’s not really about slowing down, but “it’s about getting in touch with reality”. Just because you can send tweets to just about anyone doesn’t mean that you’re really communicating with other people.

By the way, the first photo is a polaroid – I just purchased a medium format Mamiya camera with a polaroid back. More info on it soon!


a penny for your thoughts ...

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